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About Ranbir Singh Pora

Ranbir Singh Pora

Ranbir Singh Pora, also spelled as Ranbir Singh Pura, is a small town located in Jammu District of Jammu and Kashmir.  It is named after famous Dogra ruler Maharaja Ranbir Singh and is situated at a distance of 23 km from the district headquarters Jammu on Jammu Sialkot Road. The town is also the headquarters of Ranbir Singh Pora Tehsil and consequently, very important from administrative point of view. However, the area’s economic significance far outweighs its administrative importance. Let us first have a quick glance at the physical features of this area. 

Geography of Ranbir Singh Pora

Ranbir Singh Pora is located at the coordination of 32.63° North latitude and 74.73° East longitude. Jammu Sialkot road, which runs from Jammu to Sialkot, runs through the middle of this town.  The surrounding area is mostly rural. The terrain here is flat and the soil is very fertile.  The average elevation of the town is 270 meters (886 feet). There is no major river running in close vicinity of the town.

Administration in Ranbir Singh Pora

Since Ranbir Singh Pora is a tehsil under Jammu district, the town is directly administered by a Tehsildar, also known as Sub Divisional Officer (SDO). He represents the Deputy Commissioner posted at district headquarters Jammu. In any kind of emergency you may contact him directly.

At the same time it is to be remembered the Deputy Commissioner of Jammu, who also acts as the District Development Commissioner and District Magistrate, is in overall charge of the district.  In fact, as DDC, he is responsible for execution of all the development plans taken up by the State Government for the benefit of the local residents. In addition to that, he is responsible for revenue collection and enjoys certain quasi judicial powers.

Thus, we see that although the Tehsildar of Ranbir Singh Pora is directly responsible for the administration of the town and its surrounding area, it is the Deputy Commissioner who is authority behind his power. Therefore, in case of necessity you may also contact the Deputy Commissioner at the following numbers:
Phone Number: +91-191-254-6223, +91-191-254-4366,
Fax: +91-191-2546223

Municipality in Ranbir Singh Pora

Roads in Ranbir Singh Pora

The civic administration of Ranbir Singh Pora is run by a Municipal Committee, whose members are elected by the residents for a period of 5 years. According to 2011 Census, the MC has 3032 houses under its jurisdiction. To serve them efficiently, the town has been divided into 13 wards. Each of these wards is represented by a separate councilor.

The main duty of the Municipal Committee is to supply basic amenities like drinking water and sewage. It is also duty bound to build and maintain roads. Besides, it is their responsibility to see that the roads within its jurisdiction are properly lighted. They must also see that the residents are able to lead a healthy and stress-free life.  In addition it is authorized to collect property taxes, provide death and birth certificates etc.

Court in Ranbir Singh Pora

Ranbir Singh Pora, being a sub divisional town, also houses a Munsif Court.  It is conveniently located on the Jammu Sialkot Road and therefore is easily accessible from all parts of the tehsil. The court functions under the District Court located at Jammu. It generally handles civil cases pertaining to certain monetary limits. Appeal against Munsif’s Court is heard in higher courts in the district.

Economy of Ranbir Singh Pora

Economy in R S Pora

Ranbir Singh Pora is a highly prosperous town. The main economy of the town revolves around agriculture and animal husbandry. In addition to that, the town is a centre of trade and commerce. There are also many rice meals located within the city limits.

Agriculture in Ranbir Singh Pora

As we have already mentioned, the soil in and around Ranbir Singh Pora is highly fertile. In addition to that, the area is well fed by irrigation canals and tube wells.  Consequently, the region is highly suitable for rice farming. Basmati rice grown in this region is exported not only to different parts of the country, but also to USA and UK.

Wheat is another major crop of this region. Besides, the area grows good quality mustard and barseem; the latter is a kind of leguminous pea plant, mainly used as fodder. In addition, farmers here also grow good quantity of vegetables in their field. Badyal Brahmana and Arnia, located close to Ranbir Singh Pora, are well-known for their vegetable farms.

Rice Mills in Ranbir Singh Pora

Rice field in R S Pora

Because the area grows good quantity of Basmati rice, the town has many rice mills, which produce export quality basmati rice. Among them, one is Zamindara Rice and General Mills. It offers finest basmati rice in 1/2/5/10/20/50 kg packages. In addition, the company also offers broken basmati rice in 5/10/20/50 Kg packages. You may contact the company at 01923-250-111, 01923-250-262.

Two other important rice mills in this region are:

Shamsher Rice and General Mill
Ward No 12, Shiv Nagar
Ranbir Singh Pora
District: Jammu
Pin Code: 181102
 Phone No: 094196-92795

Gurunanak Rice Mill
Village: Chack Mohhamad,
Ranbir Singh Pora,
District: Jammu
Pin Code: 181102
Phone No: 01912-274-143

Trade and Commerce in Ranbir Singh Pora

Trade and commerce also has considerable influence on the economy of Ranbir Singh Pora. Although it is located in a rural surrounding, it has everything from departmental stores to garments showrooms, book stores, sweets and confectionary stores, open markets for fresh fruits and vegetables etc.

In addition, the town offers considerable employment opportunities in other sectors as well. There are health care units, government offices, banks, post offices, schools etc which offer substantial income opportunity for the residents of the own.

Banks in Ranbir Singh Pora

Ranbir Sing Pora, being a center for trade and commerce, houses many nationalized as well as private banks operating within the city limits. Following are some of them:

State Bank of India
Suchet Garh Road, Opposite BSF Gate
Ranbir singh Pora
Phone Number: 01923-241-910
IFSC/MICR/ Branch Code:   SBIN0004450 / 180002019 / 004450

Farain Singh Complex, Main Bazaar
Ranbir Singh Pora
IFSC / MICR / Branch Code: HDFC0002229/ 180240008 / 002229.

Punjab National Bank
Main Road
Ranbir Singh Pora
IFSC / MICR / Branch Code: PUNB0 083700 / 180024027 / 083700

Punjab and Sind Bank
Ranbir Singh Pora
IFSC / MICR / Branch Code:  PSIB0000738 / 180023005 / 000738

Jammu and Kashmir Bank
Near Main Gate, Skuas
IFSC / MICR / Branch Code:  JAKA0RSPORA / 180051022 / RSPORA

Opposite Skaust Gate, Main Road,
Ranbir Singh Pora
Phone No: 097966-75000
IFSC / MICR / Branch Code:  ICIC0 002646  / 180229007 / 002646

State Bank of Patiala
Suchet Garh Road,
Opposite BSF Gate,
Ranbir Singh Pora
Phone No: 01923-252838
IFSC / Branch Code:  STBP0001264 / 001264
Non MICR Branch

Yes Bank
Branch: Citizen’s Cooperative Bank
Near Bus Stand
Ranbir Singh Pora
Phone No: 01913-250-488
IFSC / Bank Code: YESB0CJ0112 / CJ0112
Non – MICR Branch

Culture in Ranbir Singh Pora

Riding horse Drawn Carriages

Although the official language of the state is Urdu, most people in Ranbir Singh Pora speak in Punjabi and Dogri. After the partition in 1947, many people from Pakistan occupied Punch has also settled here. Therefore, it can be safely said that the culture of Ranbir Singh Pora has been formed by amalgamation of various cultures.

People of Ranbir Singh Pora are well educated. According o 2011 census, the average literacy rate of this town is 86.06%, which is much higher than the national average of 67.16%.

Tourism in Ranbir Singh Pora 

Ranbir Singh Pora, set in a rural background, is in itself a place of tourist interest. Miles after miles of farmland brings cheers to the heart. However, Gharana Wetland, located close to the city, is the main attraction here.  It has been declared an Important Bird Area (IBA) and a protected water body.

Gharana Wetland near Ranbir Singh Pora

Gharana Wetland

During winter, the wetland becomes home to thousands of migratory birds, who come from different parts of the globe to lay their eggs and rear their young.  Among them, Bar Headed Geese are most significant.  They are such strong flyers that they cover 1000 miles in a single day to reach Ranbir Singh Pora from their homeland in Central Asia.

Besides, one can also spot hundreds of Keels, Little Grebe, Grey Heron, Shoverier, Grey Key Goose, Marclands, Teals, Poachards and Gadwal. They come from different places in Central Asia and Northern Europe to escape the harsh winters there. Therefore, if you are in the vicinity, do take time to visit it.

How to Reach Ranbir Singh Pora

Ranbir Singh Pora is approachable only through road transport system. Jammu is the nearest airport and railhead. In pre-partition days, there was a railway line running by this city. It connected Sialkot with Jammu. Unfortunately, it has been abandoned now.

Quick Facts about Ranbir Singh Pora

Tehsil: Ranbir Singh Pora
District: Jammu
State: Jammu and Kashmir
Elevation: 270 meters
Pin Code: 181102
STD Code: 01913

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